Buckwheat Honey from Occitanie
Buckwheat Honey from Occitanie
Buckwheat Honey from Occitanie
Buckwheat Honey from Occitanie

Buckwheat Honey from Occitanie

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This powerful honey was harvested in the Aubrac National Park in Occitanie. Buckwheat honey is known to be very rich in polyphenols and therefore excellent for health and our physical fitness in general. It has a full-bodied taste, with character. Like all honeydews, it is dark in color, almost black and strong in flavor.

THE ENGAGEMENTS from “The Honey of Kings”

- EACH of our honeys is ALWAYS harvested by ONE beekeeper and its traceability is monitored and guaranteed.

- NONE of our honeys are pasteurized or mixed with other honeys

- honey offered in a short circuit, guaranteed "harvester beekeeper"

- raw honey, cold extracted, coarsely filtered to preserve all its taste and nutritional qualities.

- artisanal harvesting method, respectful of bees.

- possible presence of pollen particles or beeswax in certain pots (rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for our body

- produced WITHOUT additives or artificial flavors, nor added essential oils.

place of collection: Aubrac national park, Occitanie, France.

Buckwheat honey is very rich in polyphenols and therefore particularly beneficial for the growth of children and for women after childbirth*.

* This is not a medicine. If you have a health problem, please consult your doctor.

Customer Reviews

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philippe .
Mon avis

Excellent, merci à vous pour le produit et pour le soin apporté à l'emballage.
Bonne continuation.

Ros Dorian
Un goût puissant pour des vertus excellentes

Deuxième commande de ce miel, très puissant en bouche, et un des meilleurs miel notamment pour son usage interne sur la sphère digestive comme le miel de manuka en beaucoup moins cher, un vrai régal.

Abdelwahab Raïs
Très bon miel

J’ai commander deux miel et très bien livré…
- Miel marocain cactus
- Miel sarrasin
Très bon

Bruno Iafrate
Mérité bien son nom

Étant breton cela me peine mais j’ai remplacé mes miels finistériens par les miels marseillais..que nous trouvons tous excellents.., bravo…

Bon miel